Industry 4.0



Our company works with artificial vision and artificial intelligence, with an emphasis on machine learning at the infrastructure level.

We use machine learning techniques for data analysis, which allow us to integrate systems that are capable of “learning”, which in their context signifies the capacity to identify complex patterns within extensive data, in order to predict the behavior of a system or process. Along with this, the utilization of artificial vision and other areas of artificial intelligence are key in our developments. The use of these new technologies responds to requirements that traditional solutions do not presently cover.

Management areas and large departments require data for decision-making, information that is generally obtained manually. Our difference is in applying edge computing technology to the systems, optimizing processing and information delivery. We are presently performing integrations using equipment developed in-house and also from well-known suppliers.

We design intelligent systems based on algorithms that can complement decisions made by operators, optimizing the process and reducing the probability of error.